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Chimney linings, as far as I was aware, came in a couple of guises. Stainless steel - solid sections or as a flexitube or pumice - solid sections of masonary liner.

I have a pumice liner in my old fireplace. They last better than flexi liner and do a good. They are best suited to new build or where the chimney to be lined is nice and straight or easy to access. Such lining would not be suitable for my present predicament where I had to weave throught a comparitivley tight space.

It was even questionable whether a srainless flexi liner was flexible enough to meet my needs. The one fitter I had around to take a look simply suggested I rip out my upstairs fireplace as it isn't used and would make life difficult. However, I think this was said mostly for his benefit, not mine. I just don't think he was interested in the fact that I didn't want to rip out the fireplace upstairs, and he was not interested in an awkward job. Fortunarely, I didn't leave it there.

Where would be without the internet?

linerI did my research and found a hungarian product called Furanflex that is starting to be used more widely in this country. It has all the relevant approvals / certifications and it looked like it could fit my needs.

Furanflex is a resin liner. It comes in a single length to suit the chimney and is rolled flat.

liner cappingThe liner is simply lowered down the chimney in its flat, soft state. This easily allows it to go around curves, angles as necessary. Once in place the liner is capped off at the top.

The liner is then inflated using a special machine that pumps steam into the liner under pressure. the machine sat outside the house with pipe running to the liner

The liner inflates to form a tube, naturally allowing for any twists and bends provided they are not too sharp.

steam machineThe stove was fitted at the same time as the liner so all the connections could be made.

Steam is pummped through the liner for round about an hour, after which the inlafted liner goes hard.

steam linerThis is a cut off section of liner after it had been steamed. the resin sets rock hard.

This liner was more expensive than a stainless flexi liner but it overcame my problems and has a longer guarantee.

I thougt it was a great system.




inflated liner


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